Sales CRM Features

Sevio Sales CRM: Your trusty sidekick on your journey to sales success.

Channel Structure

Organize your services into channels and make it easier for customers to find and understand what you offer.

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Direct Payment Integration

With Sevio's Sales CRM, cash comes straight to you, with no middleman in sight. Just choose your preferred payment method from our already integrated list of gateways.

Invoice Software

Create professional invoices with the snap of your fingers, while we take care of the VAT verifications behind the scenes.

Invoice Software
CREATE Professional Invoices check
Craft invoices that shine, impress, and spark trust with Sevio's speedy invoice creator in seconds.
SEND Invoices Effectively check
RECEIVE Payments on Time check
Real time chat
Real-time Chat

Chat with customers to solve their problems in a flash, directly from your dashboard. Keep the orders moving and your customers happy.

Email Integration

Say goodbye to support silos and hello to a unified inbox. Merge your customer interactions into a single place so you can manage and track support requests without breaking a sweat.

Team management

Empower your team to deliver the best possible customer interaction. With the right tools, they’ll be unstoppable.

Communicate transparently
Set custom permissions
Manage customers easily
Track every interaction
Branded Selling Page

Cook up a sales page with a touch of magic, with no coding required, and host it directly into your website.

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Order Page

Put your customers in the driver’s seat with a special order page on your website. They can manage their orders and chat with you directly, all in one place.

Custom Orders

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Send custom orders with discounts that will make your customers happy like a kid in a candy store.

Booking Management

Transform service delivery into a personalized experience by letting customers pick their ideal delivery times, fostering enhanced convenience and customer loyalty.

Revenue Statistics

Generate real-time revenue statistics with our filters so you'll always know what your top products are.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR is one of our many superpowers, so you can be sure we’ll guard your data and customer info.