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Your Career At Sevio

We are developers, marketers, designers, and strategists. We focus on developing efficient advertising technologies that generate results and push the digital marketing industry to new levels.

We believe in work-life balance, and we like to have fun as much as we like working. Besides office parties and barbecues, our team members can enjoy a variety of benefits that can help them pursue their hobbies and further their professional knowledge.

Your Benefits

Flexible Work Schedule

You can start your day at any time between 8:00 and 10:00 – no questions asked.

Career Development

Our company grants you access to various professional development courses.

Meal Vouchers

Shop for groceries, eat out, or order take-out using your Up meal vouchers.

ESX Membership

Work out, go for a swim, or take dance classes through the ESX membership program.

Private Health Plan

Catch up on your medical appointments through our private health insurance.

Extra Vacation Days

You’ll get one extra vacation day for every year you spend at Sevio, up to 25 days/year.

Fully Remote

Work from home or from the office. Just make sure you don’t miss our office parties.

Join Sevio

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