Ad Manager Features
Ad Manager: Your ad space selling machine.
Advertisers Management
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Ad Manager acts like an extension of your website, taking the ad delivery load off your shoulders and allowing you to grow your business.
Manage advertiser accounts
Track campaigns and earnings
All-in-one user-friendly platform
Custom Ad Sizes
Create ad zones that are as unique as your website. Choose from standard IAB sizes or create your own custom sizes.
Seamless Native Ads
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Deliver native ads that blend in like a chameleon. Your users won't even know they're ads!
Audience Targeting
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Let our advanced targeting options do the heavy lifting and deliver ads to the right people, at the right time.
In-Depth Statistics
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Make sense of your website data and take your ad revenue to the next level.
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Fast Ad Delivery
Set it and forget it. Our ad delivery is built for speed and reliability, so you can serve ads without sacrificing website performance.
Maximize your ad sales.
Maximize ad sales